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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Together is Better

I missed this post by a week, so I apologize for that.

As I continue to chronicle my writing journey, I wanted to touch a bit more on some of the other benefits of being a part of a writing group. I mentioned last time, that I belong to AllWriters Workplace and Workshop, but there are groups everywhere if you look hard enough.

Last night I came away from my Monday night group feeling energized and inspired. In a single night's reading, we had a poem, a fiction thriller novel work-in progress, another novel about a basketball player on-the-rise, and a children's book about a magic bear. We also have a guy working on a dysfunctional relationship story, a woman's memoir about growing up with a cop for a father, and a few others in the mix. (There is 10 of us in the group).
Workshopping at AllWriters' Retreat

And as a writer, I have to ask, where else can you be exposed to such a diverse group of genres and talent levels? It is invaluable to cheer one another on and point out fuzzy areas.

Along those lines, another function of this studio that I've really enjoyed in the past was their Spring Retreat. It is typically held on the grounds of an active monastery, so quiet is not a problem. Ha! We
Techny Tower Grounds
take over the old nun's quarters and for four days and three nights we do nothing but write, critique and network. (There might be some laughing and goofing off that goes on too.)

The thing about this retreat that allows a person to be more productive than being at home is the fact that you are AWAY from
2013 Retreat Gang
home. Away from distractions, laundry, kids, and the thousand attention grabbing things that beckon for your time. The nice thing is you can write anywhere you like - in your room, in a common area, or even outside. It is quality writing time, for sure.

The last thing I wanted to mention about this studio was their "Celebrity Saturday" series. Every couple of months they get a guest author or poet in to workshop with people for a 5 hour stretch on a Saturday. I was lucky to get in on one with one of my favorite authors, Michael Perry. These authors use a variety of teaching methods to help the students become better at writing, marketing, and networking.

So that is the gist of getting involved in a writing group or writing studio. All kinds of opportunities to get better and get published.

Next month I'll talk a bit about my promotional and marketing efforts.

Hope to see you then,

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