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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#NewRelease -- The Dundee Saga, Book 2, Casa Grande by Kit Prate -- #Giveaway!

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Cooper Dundee is in trouble. His stagecoach line is about to go under—and he stands to lose everything.  The long-standing rivalry between Coop and his older half-brother, Jonathan, has been simmering since childhood. Now that Jonathan has lost his share of the business on the turn of a card, his resentment is at a boiling point.

But Jonathan isn’t the only one who wants to see Cooper go down. An old nemesis from the past insinuates himself into Cooper’s life—and into his business—with deadly plans of his own.

When Coop is nearly killed in a suspicious stagecoach accident, he realizes he’s been set up. The lynch mob is just outside the door—if he survives his terrible injuries.  With his pregnant wife, Regan, and her young son, Michael, in his life, Cooper’s got too much to live for to give up now. But how can he beat the odds stacked against him? In a desperate bid to save everything dear to him, he faces a deadly showdown with a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving. Either way, it will all end at the place he was born—Casa Grande… 


It was those long, grueling hours of hard labor that had melted the flesh from him. At first, his soft hands had bled, and the white flesh on his back had burned and blistered. And then, as the days stretched into weeks and the weeks into months, his entire body hardened. After the first year, he could stare at his own reflection and wonder about the face that stared back.
He had changed so much, including adding a beard, that even Cooper Dundee did not recognize him. He laughed. Only moments before, he had shared a drink with the man whose testimony had sent him to prison—and shared a drink with the man’s attorney, Estevan Foley—and neither one had known him!
Finished with his chores, he stood up, smearing yet another glob of thick grease on the large wheel hub. It was an effective cover for a lug nut he had loosened. It was going to work, he thought smugly. This time, after all the waiting, all the careful planning, it was going to work.

And before the day was over, Cooper Dundee would be dead.

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