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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Release — Leaving the Lariat Trail by John D. Nesbitt

A young cowhand, Charles Landon, wants to go straight and break free from a crooked gang, but it won’t be easy. When his former associates hatch a plan to rustle cattle, Charles decides to move on—and the old gang members don’t believe he can be trusted. 

As they begin to come after him one by one, he realizes he’s going to need to carry a gun—it’s the only way he can get out of LEAVING THE LARIAT TRAIL alive!


“I’ve shot cows and left ‘em lay.”
Burke said, “What for?”
“Part of the job.”
• ● •

     Fred and Burke were quiet and heavy-lidded as they sat in the two chairs by the stove. The whiskey bottle was empty, and a cloud of tobacco smoke hung in the air. I found that the sewing went just as well at the table as it did in my lap, so I didn’t mind sitting by myself. Furthermore, I had things to mull over.
     Of the dozens of comments that had been tossed off during the visit, Ace Martin’s statement, not even a boast, that he had shot cows and left them was a remark that I kept coming back to. I had heard of killing a mama cow in order to make off with her unbranded calf, but I had never heard a man say he had done it, much less in such a matter-of-fact tone. I had already decided I didn’t want to take part in this new plan, and now I was even more certain. I did not want to work with Ace Martin.


  1. Congratulations on your new release, John. I wish you happy sales!

  2. I liked the excerpt and the danger implied in the outlaws' conversation. I wish you much success, John.

  3. Congratulations on your new release. It sounds great.

  4. John this was an excellent story. I really enjoyed it!
    Congratulations on your new release!

  5. John, contratulations on your new release. Sounds exciting and many readers are sure to want to know if he can get himself out from that gang safely. Nice cover and great title. Wishing you much success with Leaving the Lariat Trail.

  6. Your excellent self as usual. I'll be reading this one also. Doris

  7. Very intriguing extract, John, setting up a nice air of menace and mystery. All the best with your new release.