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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Release -- BOUND FOR TEXAS by Kit Prate -- Giveaway!

Cattle…Dust…and Death…

When ex-gunman Trace Belden decides to buy some cattle and settle down on his own Texas spread, he gets more than he’s bargained for—and not in a good way. An ongoing confrontation with Cord Bishop, a man he once thought of as his best friend, taints every minute of the trail-drive back to the Belden ranch—with the loss of several prize Hereford cows and a violent ambush of Trace’s crew.

Though Bishop believes he holds all the cards—Trace’s beautiful ex-wife and son—he soon learns that Trace won’t lie down; even if it means never seeing his son again. Trace is determined to protect his own—the herd, his men, his little brother, and a young boy who has run away to join the Belden crew.

As disaster strikes again and again, Trace realizes that the vendetta with Bishop can only result in tragedy and loss—and he vows not to lose either of the young boys who mean so much to him. But when Trace’s younger brother, Lonny, begins to carry a gun, he knows he has to rein the wild youngster in before someone gets killed—if it’s not already too late.

It’s a long way back, with death and dreams awaiting the Beldens as they head home— BOUND FOR TEXAS…


"It's pure Hell, ain't it? All this waiting?" Lon Belden lounged against the far wall; at fifteen, a younger, more compact version of the other. Seventeen years separated the brothers; that, and a difference in temperament and experience that creased one's face with the hardness of times gone by, and this one with the quick lines of boyish laughter.
"Quit saying ain't, and stop swearing." Trace spoke with a tired impatience, his voice taking on the tone of a weary parent.
"You could have left me with the crew." Lon's head came forward slightly as he tugged at his tight collar. An oily smear spotted the mirror that hung on the wall at his back. He saw the spot and tried to rub it away with his sleeve, succeeding only in making it bigger.
"Sure," Trace said ruefully. "I left you with them. Last night. That's why I had to bail you out of jail this morning."
Lon grinned across at his brother. "We had one grand old time, Trace," he said, his face coloring. "There's this girl down at that cantina by the tracks got…" He cupped his hands in front of him.
"Madam will see you now." A strange voice cut into the young man's remembrances; clipped, precise. Disapproving. "If you…gentlemen will follow me." The man gestured for them to fall in behind him, his nose in the air as if he smelled something unpleasant. Lon shoved himself away from the wall and shouldered his way past Trace, imitating the butler's mincing walk. Belden lifted a well-polished boot and applied it to the kid's rear end.

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  1. Kit, I truly loved this story so much. One of my very favorites of yours--and when I say that, you have to know that ALL your books are some of my favorites. But this one just grabbed me and wouldn't let go from start to finish.

    Don't want to give any spoilers, but I'll just say, you kept me guessing all the way through about what would happen next and how in the heck they were going to make it all come out right in the end, in so many ways! Excellent story!

  2. Congratulations, Kit. on your new release. I want to wish you the greatest success with BOUND FOR TEXAS.

  3. SO thrilled for you Kit and for Sundown Press. Your stories are just what 'mystery' lovers like me enjoy reading. Of course the fact that I love Westerns helps also.. *Smile* Doris

  4. Kit congratulations on your new release.

  5. This made me chuckle: 'Belden lifted a well-polished boot and applied it to the kid's rear end.' Back in my teaching days, there was always "that" student who needed a swift kick in the pants to get the motivation headed in the right direction. But, alas, it was only wishful thinking on my part. *grin*

    Wishing you much success with this story.

  6. Congrats on the release Kit. I have always enjoyed your stories and look forward to reading Bound For Texas. I really like the cover too.

  7. Congratulations, Kit. Bound for Texas sounds so intriguing with a whole bunch of nasty business going on from one end to the next. Wishing you much success with this and all upcoming ones. Great cover too.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting! I pulled the winning name out of my Stetson, and it is...RENAISSANCE WOMAN! Also known as Doris! Doris is you will contact me at I will see that you get your digital copy of BOUND FOR TEXAS!