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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Release -- BLOOD TIES: A Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick Novel by James J. Griffin -- Giveaway!

Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick brings a young outlaw, Jonas Peterson, in for trial in Pecos, Texas. But Will finds the tables have turned on him when the judge entrusts Peterson to Will’s care for a year rather than sending the youngster to Huntsville State Penitentiary for his crime. It’s up to Will to teach Jonas how to be a Texas Ranger—and how to be a man. 

When Will returns to his post with Jonas, Captain Hunter gives him some unwelcome news—Will is going home for his sister’s wedding, whether he likes it or not. Though Will has been estranged from his family since he left to join the Rangers years earlier, Will’s father, Silas, has the governor’s ear. Reluctantly, Will obeys his orders, intending to make the unwanted trip as short as possible.

But when his father’s bank is robbed, and Silas himself is jailed for the robbery, Will and Jonas go after the gang who pulled off the job, determined to see justice done. No matter how bitter the feud between father and son in the past, there’s no way a Texas Ranger can ignore BLOOD TIES…


     He eased Pete up to the edge of the shelf, then lifted his rifle to his shoulder. Below him, three men were seated around a small campfire, working on their supper.
     “Texas Ranger!” Will shouted. “Don’t make a move. I’ll put a bullet in the first man who tries.”
     Two of the men sat there, frozen in place, dumbfounded at seeing the Ranger on the rocks above them. The third jumped to his feet, spilling his tin plate of bacon and beans as he grabbed for the gun on his right hip. Will shot him through the middle of his chest. The impact of the heavy slug slammed the man backward, to haul up against a boulder. He slid to a seated position, his head drooping to his chest, as blood spread crimson over his shirt. A streak of blood from the exit wound in his back stained the rock. Will swung his rifle back to cover the two remaining outlaws.
     “Either of you want to get the same?” Will asked them. “If you don’t, then just stay hitched.”
     Both men shook their heads, and kept their hands well away from their guns.
     “Good. You’re both a sight smarter than your pardner was,” Pete said. “Now, stand up. Real slow and easy like.”
     Both men started to rise. The one nearest the fire edged his hand toward his six-gun.

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  1. Jim, I really enjoyed this book about a new Texas Ranger, Will Kirkpatrick, and I'm looking forward to many more adventures with him and his partner, Jonas! Keep 'em comin'!!!

  2. Oh, another ranger book! Looking forward to another great read. Congrats, Jim!

  3. Best of luck with the new release, Jim.

  4. I enjoy your Texas Ranger stories. I'm glad you have another one in this series.

  5. I definitely want to read this one.

  6. I'm excited about my new Ranger characters. Was stuck at work, so a bit late gettimg here..Thanks for all the best wishes

  7. I wanted to come by and wish you all the best with your new book release, Blood Ties: A Texas Ranger, Jim.

    1. Jim, I so enjoy Texas Ranger stories and this sounds like another good one. Wishing you much success with Blood Ties. Great excerpt and cover.

    2. The cover is THE HUNTED, by Andy Thomas. 've used one of his paintings on my last three books. Go to his website to check out more of his work. He's fantastic

  8. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and for all your kind words. I ended up pulling two winners from my big ol' Stetson. Congratulations to Carolyn and B.S. If both of you will get in touch with me at I'll send you the link to get your free ebook. Next up: Volume 9 in my LONE STAR RANGER series, A RANGER GROWN.