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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Are you writing a work of fiction? Whether you're a seasoned author or brand new at writing, Keena Kincaid's DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT workbook and workshop are MUST HAVES! Keena has written a wonderful workbook to help you discover and unlock the secrets that your fictional characters have--secrets even you, the author, may not know about. In addition, Keena also offers on-line workshops with excellent feedback and help to bring you deeper into your characters' personalities and their world--yes, even a world you created.

Learning about the secrets that your characters keep, how these secrets affect personalities and plot line outcomes, and what you can do to discover and guide the revelation of them is crucial to an effective storytelling process.


Secrets. We all have them. Even our characters keep secrets—sometimes from the author. Dirty Little Secrets of Character Development workbook takes you through fun, inventive exercises to root out your characters’ hidden secrets. The lessons and exercises in the book will give you insight into how these secrets affect characters at the deepest level and give you an understanding of how these secrets to propel the plot forward in a logical, engaging manner.

Get your own DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT workbook here, in either print or digital formats, for only $9.99! Keena is offering the next session of her online workshop from September 20 through October 20 for only $15! Yes, that's everything--workbook AND workshop--for around $25!

Contact Keena to sign up for her workshop here: or friend her and private message her on Facebook here:



  1. Hi, everyone. I'm exited about the workbook's debut and the upcoming class. Please ask a question or leave a comment. I'll be drawing one person's name to win a free copy of the workbook or class registration, whichever the winner prefers.

  2. This is one excellent workshop you've put together, Keena, and the workbook is just wonderful. I'm so glad we're able to make this available to all authors--no matter how long they've been writing--it helps EVERYONE!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Everyone who's taken the course--regardless of genre--has said it was very beneficial.